Professional design and installation service

We deliver our all-encompassing stone floor design and installation service from Harrogate to Beverley, York to Richmond.

Our aim is to create an unrivalled flooring solution for your home. With nearly thirty years’ experience, we have the answer for any flooring challenge.

Stage one: design and planning

We’ll bring samples to you to spark ideas. As well as aesthetics, we will talk about what would best suits your lifestyle. From polished stone to rustic tiles, there is a world of choices.

You may have your heart set on a natural stone floor, but muddy paws and walking boots might mean porcelain is a more practical alternative. Certain tiles cope better than others with the expansion and contraction of underfloor heating.

Stage two: selecting your tiles and finishes

Nothing beats handling tiles to feel their texture. You also need to judge colours in context with the rest of your interior design, such as cupboard finishes and wall colours.

We will pull together samples and bring the showroom to you. This will be at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends.

We can also provide specialist grouting, in terms of colour and width. These include gold and metallic finishes for a truly bespoke finish.

Stage three: finalising your selection

At this appointment we will discuss layout preferences. Would you prefer squares or rectangles? Mixed patterns? Tramlines? Herringbone? Minimalistic? Or perhaps the classic Opus Romano pattern?

Thoughtful design can persuade the eye that a space is wider or longer than it actually is. We will also take into account key focal points. For example, bifold doors look their best if we align the centre point of any layout to the midpoint of the doors.

Stage four: professional installation

Preparing a level surface

A firm, flat, clean and level foundation is essential to a well-laid floor. It must be free of movement or anything that could prevent your tiles from fixing. They should last a lifetime if laid properly.

Preparation is key. We will assess if a levelling compound is needed. We will then scree and re-level the floor, adding an anti-fracture membrane if necessary.

Using the correct adhesive

We will prime your floor with the correct adhesive for your selected tile. We prefer to use VOC-neutral glues free of the harmful volatile organic compounds formerly used in construction. These take around an hour to dry.

An artistic eye

We believe laying stone tiles is an artform. Stone is a natural product, and so varies in colour, texture and finish. We sort your tiles into two, selecting the best to appear in the centre of your floor. Tiles with more imperfections, chipping or patterns can be judiciously cut for corner pieces or out-of-the-way areas.

We then lay out the tiles, without any adhesive. This allows us to make sure the design is pleasing to the eye and avoid patternicity. We can also triple-check the consistency of the grouting gap. Only then will we permanently fix your tile or stone with adhesive.

Layers of care

We will seal your tiles, grout them, clean them and then seal them again so the grout is covered.

Our craftspeople are always respectful of your space and your home. We keep a tidy workplace and clean up after ourselves.

We will source any additional labour, skips and materials should they be needed.